Reed's Dairy Ice Cream Review

Review of the Reed's Dairy Scoop Shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
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Reed’s Dairy Farm Brings Four Idaho Generations of Family Values To Your Table

"Welcome to Reed’s Dairy. We began our family-owned milk delivery business in 1955 in Idaho Falls. Co-owner Alan Reed, a second-generation Reed, along with Mike Reed and Refugio Cervantes, runs the business that was started by his father LeRoy and two uncles, Larry and Dave. Larry was the driving force in the family to be in the dairy business. Alan’s son, Sam, has also joined in the daily operations.

A farm-to-table enterprise in the truest sense, our Idaho Falls dairy farm has 250 Holstein cows, which provide milk for our delivery service in eastern and western Idaho. Dairy products, including ice cream, are also available at our four retail locations. You will appreciate that all the dairy products we sell are produced and processed on-site; it is generally sold to our local community of customers within hours of the cows being milked!

Our top-selling products include chocolate milk, cheese curds and eggnog during the holidays. In store, our 80+ flavors of ice cream and legendary grilled cheese on homemade bread are also favorites. In September 2009 Saveur magazine raved about our ice cream: “… we have found none better than at Reed’s Dairy. The flavors are almost supernaturally sumptuous.”

Vintage Photo - Old Reeds Milk Truck
Vintage Photo - Brothers

Reed’s Dairy stores are a great spot to pick up fresh dairy products, to enjoy a quick lunch or to savor an ice cream treat. At the Idaho Falls location, visitors can visit the cows that supply the milk and a petting zoo too. Our stores host many community events. Watch our social media for Halloween, Easter and Christmas events, fundraisers, and “National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” at the dairy when we serve pancakes and ice cream. There’s always something to look forward to at Reed’s Dairy.

Our goal is to build a community of customers that we really take care of and to provide them a superior product. You can start your home delivery service today by clicking here and also have ice cream and chocolate milk shipped to your door by clicking here.

Reed’s Dairy looks forward to welcoming you into one of our stores next time you are in the neighborhood."

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