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Almond Joy Ice Cream

Artisan almond joy ice cream with almonds and coconut cream mixed with chocolate base.

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Almond joy ice cream is among the most favorite chocolate and coconut combination in the world. Made with artisan coconut milk and rich chocolate ice cream, it's one of my favorites. The best part is, this dairy-free version is so creamy, you won't even notice it's made from coconut milk.

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Breeanne Marie

I'm Breeanne and ice cream brings me joy!

I'm an ice cream connoisseur, a friend to everyone, and a mommy to two boys. I love God and my family.

I love the feeling and taste that ice cream brings to myself and others.

I believe ice cream can build communities and improve the wellbeing of everyone as they experience the sweet joy of a delicious scoop of ice cream, together.